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Vietsteel Machinery Co., Ltd.

An eminent exporter and manufacturer of C-Truss Roll Forming Machine, Corrugated Roll Forming Machine, Ridge Capping Machine, Hollow Roll Forming Machine and so on.

Many unique machines have been introduced to the market as a result of extraordinary technological advancements, but the manufacturing of such machinery necessitates a complex set of procedures. We, Vietsteel Machinery Co., Ltd., are able to simplify the complicated procedure by utilising cutting-edge technologies. We have been a major manufacturer and exporter of a diverse range of technologically advanced machinery since 2003. Industrial Roll Forming Machine, Kliplock Roll Forming Machine, Seamlock Roll Forming Machine, etc., are gently engineered under the vigil of experts. All of the machines are meticulously engineered and guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. Our organisation is constantly focused on understanding customers' needs, performing responsibly as a manufacturing unit, and extending our sales network in order for customers to enjoy working on our machines and boost their production capacity. We, the aforementioned, are dedicated to the advancement of our country. Customers all across the world have backed the company since it has a history of prioritising the needs of its customers.
  • Research and Development

    One of the most crucial factors for a manufacturing organisation
  • Vision, Mission and Core Values

    To be the worlds leader in the design and manufacture of roll forming
  • Quality Assurance

    Assuring quality offers our organisation the confidence

Why Choose Us?

Customers all over the world are more than pleased by our quality standards. We have been receiving huge appreciation through their feedback. Since our inception, our team stays on its toes while serving customers. Listed below are some of the factors responsible for our reputation as a leading manufacturer and exporter:
  • Expertise: With 22 years of experience in roll forming machines, we are the industry leader.
  • Proven: 3,500 machines in 41 countries for 420 customers
  • Quality: Our machines generate high-accuracy products at a 20% to 30% faster rate.
  • Durability: Our machines last for ten years and come with a one-year warranty on all parts.

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