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Research and Development 

Vietsteel Machinery Co., Ltd., backed by a strong team of researchers, conducts thorough and in-depth research on all levels. This enables us to move forward with product development and build cutting-edge machinery such as the Seamlock Roll Forming Machine, Kliplock Roll Forming Machine and so on. Furthermore, continuous research allows us to study our market competitors so that we may differentiate ourselves from them and set our product prices accordingly.

Vision, Mission and Core Values 

Our mission has been to offer the solutions at the best prices. We adhere to our core values which are transparency honesty and punctuality. These factors highlight the difference between us and other companies. 

Quality Assurance 

At our company, we have a robust quality assurance department that focuses on maintaining the highest standards of quality in Seamlock Roll Forming Machine, Kliplock Roll Forming Machine, etc. For verifying design, structure, functionality, and other variables, the department has advanced testing equipment. Our quality assurance team passes over the range to the packaging department after ensuring excellence in each factor. This ensures excellent packing for safe delivery in domestic and global markets.

Why Choose Us?

  • Services: Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as after-sales
  • Quick Shipping: Strong financial capability ensures contract delivery on time.
  • Resources: To assure the quality control of all mechanical components of the machines, there are 140+ experienced employees and two factories (18,000m2), including Machining workshops (2,000m2) equipped with CNC milling, turning, cutting, planing, and other tools.
  • Export: We service in 50+ countries all over the world.
  • Huge Clientele: We have more that 500 domestic and international clients.
  • Wide Array: Successful delivery of high-quality 5000 machines and production lines.

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